WSJ learned about collecting data about the environment trump for investigation of election

WSJ learned about collecting data about the environment trump for investigation of election

The U.S. Senate has asked the former aides of trump information about their work before and after the presidential election. According to The Wall Street Journal, these data are necessary for ongoing investigations of alleged Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States

The intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate sent letters to President Donald trump for his campaign, in particular the former head of the election headquarters of the Semi Manafort, ex-aides of trump Carter Paige and Roger stone and former assistant to the American leader on national security, Lieutenant-General in the resignation of Michael Flynn, with the requirement to provide data on their activities before and after the presidential elections in November 2016. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the matter.

In a letter to Carter Paige, reviewed publication, the Senate Committee also asked to review a list of all his meetings with any Russian officials or businessmen in the period from 16 June 2015 to 20 January 2017, with specific dates, places of all present people, and also copies of recordings that were made during negotiations.

Also, the intelligence Committee is particularly asked to send details of all the meetings of the environment trump, scheduled for 19 may, which he knows as well as correspondence page with trump, in which Russia is mentioned.

Sam Carter Paige, the newspaper notes, in response to the letter from the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence called the government’s request, “comically fake request.”

The publication indicates that such requirements of the American authorities attest to intensify the investigation on the alleged interference in the presidential elections in the United States, which Washington accuses Russia. Manafort, Paige, stone and Flynn will have to appear before the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of Congress in order to answer questions regarding the investigation.

In early April, the head of the Commission investigating an alleged Russian interference in American elections, Devin Nunes announced their decision to “temporarily withdraw” from the investigative measures. He went after the accusations about the ineffectiveness of the investigation and the protection of the interests of the trump. A month before, in early March, recused himself from any investigations associated with the election campaign trump’s Affairs have taken, and U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions. The reason for this was information on his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

The United States accused Russia of meddling in the election campaign in the United States. According to U.S. intelligence officials, Russian hackers have carried out attacks on the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Moscow has repeatedly denied these accusations.