Donald trump has fired the Director of the FBI

The President of the United States Donald trump fired the head of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komi. The justice Ministry explained the dismissal of the actions of the Komi Republic during the investigation against Clinton in 2016

The US President Donald trump has sent in the resignation of FBI Director James Comey. About it reports Reuters, citing a White house statement. Agency sources said that intelligence agencies were not aware of the dismissal of the head of the FBI.

In the message of administration of the trump notes that the search for a new permanent Director of intelligence will begin immediately.

According to the Agency, in a letter to Komi trump accused him of “failing to effectively lead” the FBI. The US President believes that to restore trust to the service, it needs a new leader.

“Although I appreciate Your words that I don’t are under investigation in three different cases, I still agree with the decision of the Department of justice that You are unable to effectively lead the Bureau,” wrote trump.

Komi Republic to dismiss the President recommended that the attorney General Jeff sessions, in a letter to Trump, he suggested that the FBI Director should be one who follows the rules and orders of the Ministry of justice.

Bloomberg journalist Sahil Kapur published in his Twitter a letter trump to Komi and Roman sessions and a letter to Trump.

Senator from the Democratic party dick Durbin, commenting on the dismissal of Komi, said that it calls into question the investigation “of a possible Russian intervention in elections in the United States,” the Agency said.

In its recommendations, the Trump sessions were guided by the Memorandum of the Deputy attorney General Kind Rosenstein. In the document entitled “Restoring public confidence in the FBI” Rosenstein writes that James Komi “usurped the rights of genprokurora” when he closed the investigation against the ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It is not the responsibility of the Director of the FBI, pointed out the Deputy and Roman sessions.

Komi last summer stated that there is no need for accusations of Clinton, “although there are indications of possible violations of [her — RBC] in respect of classified information.” “Our position is that no reasonable Prosecutor could not bear such a solution,” wrote Rosenstein.

He also noted that the Komi Republic has compounded his error by telling the decision to discontinue the investigation against Clinton at a press conference that at odds with the practice of the Ministry of justice.

Last year the FBI was investigating the scandal with correspondence of Clinton: it turned out that she, occupying the post of Secretary of state in 2009-2013 led official correspondence not with government servers, and personal email — this could cause leakage of secret data. The FBI found no reason for legal action and completed the investigation, announced in July 2016 Komi Republic. Then he also noted that Clinton and staff its staff showed “extreme negligence”.

Closer to election day (eighth of November) in Komi Republic announced the resumption of the FBI checks against Clinton again in the case of her official correspondence. The day before the election Komi Republic said that his Agency did not change adopted in July of the decision.

Defeated in the elections Hillary Clinton said that the turning point in the struggle between her and trump became acting Director of the FBI.

As a result, in January the Ministry of justice initiated a check of the FBI investigating emails about Clinton. The Ministry of justice said that the FBI’s actions supporters, Clinton called the “factor of defeat” of a candidate from the Democrats in the presidential race. The Ministry has then stated that the public statements of James Comey about the case, Clinton likely to have been based on “improper considerations.”