Five years of Putin: how events unfolded and what people expect for the year before the inauguration-2018

MOSCOW, may 7. /TASS/. Turned the annual page of the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin, five years ago re-entered the office of the head of state after four years of work by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. And exactly 17 years have passed since his first inauguration to the highest office in the country.

However, in his inaugural speech – 2012 the President emphasized that “the coming years will be decisive for Russia’s destiny for decades to come”. “We are ready for the upcoming tests, and future achievements,” – said Putin, time and again in subsequent years, demonstrating this commitment in action. After all, in his words, “Russia has a great history and not less great future.” And that means you have to comply.

In the face of crisis, the country has resisted. Since the end of last year after two years of downturn, finally, a modest but still growth of GDP. At the end of this year, under the baseline scenario, the Russian economy should grow by 2%. Already in the near future Putin puts more ambitious goal is to provide growth above the world average (i.e., more than 3 to 3.5%).

Over the appropriate development programs are actively working as different groups of experts and specialists of the government, the decision about the possible reforms will be taken by the President.

May theses

May 7, 2012 – not only inauguration day but also the day of the signing by Putin of 11 decrees, which defined the main objectives in the field of economic development and social policy, medicine, health, education, armed forces and state administration system. “May decrees” thus encompass the interests of all Russians – from student and teacher to the military or a businessman, and their progress became one of the main indicators of system health government – both at Federal and regional level. Clearly Putin himself – so, for shortcomings in this area, as is, a year later, after the decrees were dismissed by Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov. Their posts at various times lost several other high-ranking officials and governors.

There’s nothing unusual. At the March elections in 2012 Putin was promoted less than six months – in September 2011, the intention to go for a second term in 2004 by the President and is to be announced only after the start of the election campaign in December. To think, at what point Putin will put clarity to the issue of the 2018, it is useless, he will choose this moment, based on expediency. Known, however, the guiding principle for the President and he was talking about back in 2003: don’t prematurely “to undermine the political campaign which interferes with the real work” and makes the officials “make a fuss about their places in the Kremlin or in the White house.”

“We need to work, you need to ensure that plans were implemented and the goals we set for ourselves, we need to improve the standard of living of people, development of economy, social sphere, improve the defense capability of the country, – Putin said in September 2016. Depending on these tasks will then see how to organize the campaign of the presidential election in 2018 and who should take part in it”.

Presidential elections should be held in March 2018 (probably it will be March 18), respectively, the official campaign will start in December 2017. So, some clarity about who will lead Russia in the period 2018-2024 years, will appear in a matter of months. This is important because, as Putin said in his first inauguration in 2000, “the Russian head of state has always been and will be the person who is responsible for everything that happens in the country.”