The Pentagon said on behalf of the trump to arm the Kurds in Syria

The US President Donald trump was allowed to organize the supply of weapons to Kurdish military forces in Syria, but to do it “as necessary to ensure a clear victory” in the operation to liberate Raqqa from the “Islamic state”

American President Donald trump allowed the Pentagon to begin supplying arms to Syrian Kurds that are members of the coalition “Power of a democratic Syria”. About it reports Reuters with reference to the press-Secretary of the defence Department of the USA Dana white.

According to her, the day before, may 8, the President instructed the Pentagon to “when necessary” to arm the formation of the Kurds in Syria during operations for the liberation from militants of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”.

“We (the United States. — RBC) are well aware of concerns about the security of our coalition partner of Turkey about security in the region. We want to convince the people and government of Turkey that the U.S. is pursuing a policy to prevent additional security threats, and the protection of our NATO ally,” she said during a visit to Lithuania.

She did not specify how soon they can begin the first deliveries of weapons. The Agency source in the government circles also, this information is not disclosed.

Earlier, on 7 may, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Pentagon approved a plan to Finance the strengthening of the US military presence in the Asia-Pacific region. To improve infrastructure in the region, additional exercises, and the supply of weapons the us government plans to spend $8 billion, noted the publication.

According to Reuters, trump advocates for increased U.S. military spending to $54 billion According to the interlocutor of Agency, these funds the Pentagon can get by reducing other expenses, including the program of aid to UN agencies. However, on 6 may, the Agency said that the draft strategy of the government of the United States indicated that the United States needs to avoid costly military commitments.