Trump has extended the anti-Syrian sanctions

The US President Donald trump has extended for one year restrictive measures against Syria that block was in the country the assets of individuals and legal entities, and also impose a ban on the export of certain American goods and services in the Arab Republic

American President Donald trump has signed the decree about prolongation for a year of unilateral sanctions against Syria. A government note with the signature of the President, which directed the leadership of the Congress, published on the official website of the White house.

“The US President has taken these measures in order to resolve unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States, which arose as a result of actions of the government of Syria, which are aimed at supporting terrorism, maintaining the occupation of Lebanon, the implementation of programs to create weapons of mass destruction and undermining U.S. and international efforts aimed at stabilizing the situation in Iraq,” follows from the text of the statement.

The head of state pointed to the “brutal policy” pursued by the government of Syria against its own people, which threatens not only citizens, but also creates an unstable situation in the middle East region. Trump also reiterated that the United States condemn the violation of human rights in the region, and called on the Syrian government to cease violence against citizens, to respect the ceasefire, to ensure the free and safe passage of humanitarian assistance and to support the initiative for a political solution to the conflict in the country.

The last time the US has imposed sanctions against Syria on April 24, after an attack using sarin in the village of Ha Shaykhun in Idlib province, which occurred on April 4. Victims of a chemical attack, according to the estimates of human rights defenders and local organisations were more than 100 people, more than 500 were injured. Western countries, USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey, was blamed for the attack on Damascus. Damascus has denied the charges.