Lavrov’s visit to Washington confirmed that the US and Russia are set to improve relations

WASHINGTON, may 11. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov, Andrey Shitov/. The President of the United States Donald trump remained determined to improve U.S.-Russian relations. His administration is ready to work with Russia on the resolution of conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, the middle East and other regions. He confirmed it, taking in the White house Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, and this was the main encouraging result of the first 2013 working visit of the head of the Russian foreign Ministry in Washington.

Before the interview with trump, which lasted about 40 minutes, Lavrov held talks with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. And the results of both meetings – it is, in his view, the positive foreign Minister of Russia announced in a full press conference in the Russian Embassy in Washington.

Press conference Lavrov

He noted with satisfaction that the dialogue with the team trump deprived of ideologized inherent in the approaches of the former democratic administration. “Now our dialogue is free from ideologized, which was characteristic of the administration of (Barack) Obama, – said Lavrov. – The administration of the trump and the President, and the Secretary of state is a people business, and they want to negotiate.”

When discussing the topic of the Syrian settlement, Lavrov stated that Moscow and Washington are ready to cooperate in the creation of zones of de-escalation in Syria, and that during negotiations with trump and Tillerson discussed the mechanisms of interaction. “We are ready to cooperate today discussed concrete ways, the specific mechanisms by which we can work together to manage,” said the Russian foreign Minister. “I hope that other territories in question, the United States will also be able to make a direct contribution to security, monitoring the implementation of the cessation of hostilities and contribution to the solution of humanitarian problems, as it is also one of the functions of these zones of de-escalation”, – he stressed.

According to the Minister, an agreement was reached to “continue to work together and in the format of Astana, where the United States present as observers, and in the framework of the Geneva process.” Thus, according to him, the Russian side “appreciated the constructive contribution that the US made at the last meeting” in the capital of Kazakhstan.

Lavrov said that the issue of access to Russian facilities in the States of new York and Maryland in the negotiations was raised, but the American sanctions against Moscow were discussed. “As for ownership, that is a question that stands apart in our negotiations, he said. – Because it’s our property, which is confirmed as such by the official legal documents issued in the United States, and this property belongs to us, and is not denied by our American partners.” But the prospect of returning objects, access to which was for the Russians closed by the Obama administration, remained unclear.

Specifically to eliminate this and other such “irritants” in the bilateral relations Russia and the United States recently decided to create a channel at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers Sergei Ryabkov and Thomas Shannon. 8 may were spent in new York for the first review meeting. Now their leaders found this channel helpful and agreed to keep it.

At a press conference, Lavrov was asked about attributed to Russia’s intervention in the American presidential election in 2016, and not overshadowed by the atmosphere of his visit was unexpected dismissal trump, Director of the FBI James Komi. As a true diplomat, the Minister said that the internal Affairs of States in its negotiations with trump are not affected. And relentlessly fanned the democratic opposition in the U.S. the scandal surrounding the “hand of Moscow” for the American election he called “Orgy”.

A large part of the speculation on this score in the US is built around the contacts of the people around trump with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. And because of the special attention the American media has attracted visiting Kislyak together with Lavrov in the White house. The photos show how welcome both of them to the desktop of the oval office, the President of the United States.

Alone with Kissinger

Journalists from the presidential pool included immediately after the departure of Russian guests, trump said that the meeting was “very good” and that he was particularly encouraged by the results of the conversation about Syria. “Things happen that are really, really, really positive,” he added. – We stop the killing and death of people”.

To his surprise, the reporters caught in the oval office of the former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. Meeting him did not appear in the working schedule of the US President on Wednesday. Trump said that talks with Kissinger, “Russia and various other things.” According to him, it was an honour to interact with “his old friend, the” Patriarch of American geopolitics, which 27 may marks the 94th year.

Official records

Later press-service of the White house issued an official report on the talks with Lavrov trump. It first of all noted that this meeting was held to follow the April visit of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Moscow. “President trump highlighted the need to work together, especially on ending the conflict in Syria, – stated in the document. He stressed that Russia needs to curb the regime (of President Bashar al -) Assad, Iran and Iranian stooges”.

“The President raised the subject of Ukraine and expressed the commitment of his administration to continue to participate in the settlement of the conflict, and stressed Russia’s responsibility for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements”, – stated in a press release. It also contained a statement that trump “mentioned the possibility of wider cooperation (with Russia) on the settlement of the conflicts in the middle East and elsewhere”.

In General, “the President stressed his desire to build a better relationship between the United States and Russia,” noted in the report of the White house.

For its part, the US state Department also issued a press release following the talks, Lavrov Tillerson, which lasted, according to him, more than an hour. The authors of this document did not fail to stress that U.S. sanctions against Russia imposed over events in Ukraine, “will remain in force as long as Moscow does not reverse the actions that led to them”. They also stated that “the United States and Russia have agreed to continue discussions on other issues of mutual concern, including in the sphere of strategic stability.”

To Alaska

At the conclusion of the Washington talks, the Russian delegation headed by Lavrov left for Fairbanks (Alaska), where on Thursday held a meeting of the Arctic Council. At this meeting, which will be held under the leadership Tillerson, the United States will abdicate the powers of the Chairman of this international organization and give them Finland.