VTSIOM noticed the timid hints of “liberalization” of the relationship to major spending in Russia

Moscow. May 10. INTERFAX.RU – the Majority of Russians (58%) called the current unfavourable time for large purchases, acceptable 24%, according to the polls on Wednesday.

According to the latest survey, consumer sentiment in Russia has improved somewhat in the background of the March figures, when 65% of respondents said the time for major expenses failed, and only 22% – good.

However, only 12% of respondents (March – 11%) believe that now is the right time for large loans, whereas the majority (75% in March – 79%) give a negative assessment of taking the loan, has shown a telephone survey of 1,800 respondents.

The attitude of Russians to the banking deposits in the past month has also improved slightly: 52% in April (51% in March) believe that free money is now better to put in a Bank account, whereas 29% (30% in March) recommend them from there, if any, to take.

Overall 66% of respondents were in favour of the minimization of expenses and maximum thrift. On the contrary, faster to spend the salary or pension, and savings to invest in something valuable I consider it appropriate 21%.

According to the expert polls Oleg Chernozub, “for the first time in the whole crisis period we see that the former absolutely “uncompromising” position of companies in relation to large expenses and loans has begun to soften. However, a common desire to save the behavior persists.”