The Swiss Central Bank introduced a new banknote of 20 francs

Moscow. May 10. INTERFAX.RU – the Swiss national Bank (SNB, the Central Bank) on Wednesday introduced a new banknote of 20 francs, made using polymer fibers 15 and has protective characteristics.

Banknote has a striking design with a predominance of red color. Images on the bill have a natural explanation and are intended to show “creative nature of the Swiss and emphasize the active cultural life of different regions of the country.”

New Swiss 20-franc note has been unveiled! The new design celebrates the Swiss creativity. Can you spot a certain Piazza? #Locarno70 @SNB_BNS

— Locarno Festival (@FilmFestLocarno) May 10, 2017

The Bank notes that the bill will go into circulation from may 17, and will gradually replace banknotes of the old sample the same value.

Deputy Chairman of the SNB, Fritz Zurbruegg noted that a new bill can be called the most secure of the currently available.

Last year the Swiss Central Bank introduced a 50-franc bill, which was voted the best new banknote last year. A complete change in Swiss francs banknotes of the new sample will be completed in 2019.

Designer the new series of Swiss banknotes was the schedule from Zurich Manuela Pfunder. She won the contest, which was announced in 2005. Originally the new series was scheduled to launch into circulation in 2010, but because of the theft of 1800 new banknotes 1000 francs directly from the production line process slowed down.