The Ukrainian VTB said about the attempt of raider seizure of the offices in Odessa

Moscow. May 10. INTERFAX.RU VTB Bank (Kyiv), part of VTB group, said about the attempt of a group of individuals composed of the state Registrar and private notary, to deprive the Bank the right of ownership residential premises in Odessa, which is a branch of the Bank.

According to the report on the website of the financial institution, on April 11, the state Registrar of the Odessa branch of SE “State Institute of forensic economic-legal and technical expert studies” Kravets, on the basis of forged contracts of sale registered the company “TRINITI invest group” has the right of ownership on Bank-owned in 2011 non-residential premises in Odessa area of 2 thousand sq. m 653,3 1 thousand and 298,1 sq. m (total area of 3 thousand sq. m 951,4).

Then on 18 April the “Trinity of invest of groups” through private notary has implemented these objects OOO “Teplokomfort LTD”, which currently is illegal to own this real estate.

VTB Bank on 28 April appealed against these fraudulent registration activities of the Commission under the Ministry of justice of Ukraine and obtained the exclusion of the illegal re-registration of objects of the State register of rights to immovable property and the restoration to them of property rights.

Wherein said Board of the Ministry of justice admitted violations of the law by the state Registrar of the Odessa branch of SE “State Institute of forensic economic-legal and technical expert studies” Kravets, six months, limiting his access to the state Register of real rights to immovable property.

Additionally, on April 29, the Bank imposed a ban on registration actions with his property.

However, as noted by the Bank in the day on 30 April, despite the decision of the Ministry of justice and the ban on the registration steps, Kravets brought in the state register of real rights on immovable property a new entry on the right of ownership of “Teplokomfort LTD” on these premises. 3 may due to the fraudulent actions of the state Registrar, OOO “Teplokomfort” LTD sold part of non-residential premises of two individuals. As a result of criminal manipulation of the state Register of real rights to real estate currently, there are several owners are actually of the same property.

While unknown may 5, tried to install, including through violent seizure, physical control over specified premises, threatening staff office of VTB Bank, who legally were in the room.

The Bank also said that the territorial bodies of the National police of Ukraine is the institution of criminal proceedings on the facts of roguish actions on formal grounds, do not support any action to eliminate crime, thereby contributing to the attackers in the implementation of criminal schemes that result in a legitimate real estate owners lose their property.

VTB Bank (formerly the Bank “Mriya”) was founded in 1992. Its main shareholder is the Russian VTB (99,9959% of shares). According to the national Bank of Ukraine, by 1 January 2017 in terms of assets VTB Bank has occupied 15-e a place among the 93 Ukrainian banks.

VTB in may of last year declared intention to sell a subsidiary Bank in Ukraine in case of interesting offers. However, in June the Russian Bank has announced that it has suspended the active search for buyers. Talk about leaving the group from the Ukrainian market resumed in March of this year after Kiev introduced sanctions against Ukrainian banks with Russian state capital. The restrictions forbid them to perform any financial transactions in favour of the parent structures.

Losses of VTB group in case of realization of a negative scenario in relation to the Ukrainian subsidiary are estimated at 10-20 billion, in a positive scenario, the group may make a little money, said in March the first Deputy Chairman of VTB Yuri Soloviev. VTB also expects to sell Ukrainian BM Bank (got a group together with Bank of Moscow).