Sberbank was allowed to reissue the card at any branch throughout the country

MOSCOW, may 12. /TASS/. Sberbank is one the most relevant to retail customers of technical issues, allowing them to obtain the re-issued payment card in any branch of the Bank. This was reported to journalists the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Alexander Torbakhov.

Sberbank is the largest retail Bank in the country – for a long time could not solve the problem with reference cards for the office, which caused widespread discontent became more mobile clients. With the need to re-map in that office, where it was released initially, I faced so many cardholders of Sberbank, which is eventually reflected in folk art. A well-known Internet meme depicts the head of Sberbank German Gref, telling about the “blockchain, agile, machine learning”, and employees of the Bank branches that customers say: “That’s where the map opened, go there”, which highlights a clear discrepancy in the eyes of the mass clients, Sberbank of strategy of technological development and its implementation in practice.

“We had a problem – if the customer has the card in one regional Bank, it cannot be reissued in another. Today you can release a map with delivery to any other Department,” said Torbakhov.

It is noteworthy that this statement was made at a conference on agile transformation of the retail business of the savings Bank. Country’s largest Bank decided that I could get to this stage – after figured out the main claims in his address from the customers that are more than half of Russia’s population.

“Go there”

With the abolition of the binding maps to a single office when it re-issue the Bank has sorted out longest. Re-issue of cards is possible in two cases – early on the client’s request or automatically upon expiration of its validity.

As explained TASS in the call center credit organization, in order to reissue the card in a different Department, it is necessary not later than 3-5 days before the expiry of its validity can visit any of our office with the application for early reissuance. For cards Maestro “social”, this operation will be free for personal cards Visa Electron cost of re-issue will amount to 60 rubles.

If the card validity has expired, and the statement filed, card will be waiting its holder in the same office. However, in this case the client can write a statement about the early re-issue in another Department and get a map already where he’s comfortable.

Until the end of the year, Sberbank plans to develop a similar solution for salary card holders, who now get reissued cards in the accounting Department at the place of work.

“This Sberbank Sberbank”

For quality of service the oldest in Russia the credit organization did not abuse only the lazy. Until recently, among the main criticisms of employees of the savings Bank was that bankers call “lack of customer focus”, as well as speed of service, in other words, queues.

The authors of the Bank’s strategy for 2014-2018 talking about these challenges as an already accomplished fact: “We have improved the quality of service of all categories of our customers. In our offices we have implemented new standards and methods of service, and more than 3 thousand points was transformed into a new modern format. We have introduced a customer-friendly mode of operation, has dramatically reduced the queues. Courtesy and proactivity become the new standards of work for our employees”.

As stated on the website of the credit organization, “in today’s Sberbank almost nothing reminds of the savings banks, which he carried on for a considerable period of its history. “What really amazes is that Sberbank is barely recognisable from itself of just a decade ago,” – said the Bank.

As the savings Bank has solved the problem

With queues, and dissatisfaction with the conduct of its employees, the Bank has dealt quite relevant to a strategic approach “ahead of the market trends, confidently knowing in a rapidly changing technology”, that is, creating a web-app “Sberbank Online” and its mobile version, as well as developing the SMS banking. Services remote self-service now used by over 47 million people, including 25 million web – version of the “Sberbank Online”, and about 20 million mobile app, another 27 million people are customers of SMS service.

The Bank also has created the most extensive at the moment, the network of ATMs and POS terminals, numbering about 80 thousand units, and from scratch built infrastructure of contact centers for service over the phone. In remote areas, are mobile offices of Sberbank.

Tellingly, the number of employees was not decreased. If in 2007 average number of employees of the savings Bank amounted to 251 thousand, by 2015 329 thousand, and since then practically did not change.


Last year, Sberbank launched the first wave of agile transformation (agile – agile management methodology, where each participant can make changes to the project – approx. ed.). At start-up and piloting of new models of governance, the Bank focused on the culture, new approaches to communication and training employees to work in the new format, according to the annual report of Sberbank for the year 2016.

“Today Sberbank is transformation, it is very difficult. It is associated with cultural restructuring and with the restructuring of almost all processes,” – said Torbakhov, who oversees the savings Bank work retail.

He added that the technology of agile provides the overall work of the staff of the retail unit and the IT-sphere on a specific task: “Now is a team of 10-12 people, this team, which consists of all IT programs. They sit at the same table, immediately give birth to an idea and immediately begin to implement it”.

While Torbakhov has not excluded that in the future, this technology may lead to reduction of staff. “In the future, Yes. While it does not, because now comes the process of transformation,” he said. Now the new technology is the savings Bank has 4 thousand people.

Positively characterizing agile like methodology of organization management, the head of Sberbank German Gref said that its rapid adoption in public administration in other countries is dangerous for Russia, as it will give them a dangerous advantage in speed of transformation of the state in a rapidly changing world.