Expert: to simplify the land code in Russia developed by smart code

SARATOV, on may 14. /TASS/. The experts have developed a special smart code that will allow you to beg and land codes in Russian cities and to facilitate the obtaining of a building permit for the business. Code based on the smart code, contains a total of nine types, which are ranked by density, medium, high, and low-density development. About this in the forum “Environment for life. The apartment and the city,” said the General Director of the Berlin office of DPZ-EUROPE is Dwayne Phillips.

“On the example of Saratov we have adapted the land code, creating the smart code. This smart codes, which are the keys to simplifying work with the city. They take into account components such as the preservation of historical development, ecology, etc. the Smart code is such a universal graphical model that can be adapted to any city,” said Phillips.

Simplification of land use will attract business

According to Phillips, it is a complex land codes hinder development of modern cities.

“Planning, approval procedure, approval should be simplified and become easy to understand. In Saratov the zoning code is quite complicated, it identifies 75 different types of land use. And nobody wants to invest if it’s complicated and time consuming,” said the speaker.

At the same time, Phillips noted that it is very important to attract students and local residents who would open a business here, not away from Saratov.

“Local residents is an economic driver. For example, in Berlin three months spent to obtain a building permit, and why people go to Berlin,” said Phillips.

Solving transportation problems and improving the quality of construction

Phillips said that the old method of shaping code is the concentration on how to do street. Code dictates where to study, where to live, where to work and where to relax. And it’s not always effective.

“This plan creates a large traffic problem. Code created with the use of the smart code involves the presence of areas with a mixed destination and mixed functionality. Smart code graphically shows how to make pavements, pedestrian areas, buildings and how it all relates together,” said Phillips.

Thus, according to the speaker, you can develop a seven-code, and at the end of this process will be the drawing for each zone. The developer will be enough to give one sheet of paper, which will set forth all requirements which buildings, how high, and what density you can build.

“Miami has adopted such a code six years ago, today, there is an economic boom. Because it became easy to build, the quality was higher than before. Code based on the smart code, provides European quality of development”, – assured Phillips.

About the forum “Environment for life”

Forum “Environment for life” is held on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation Ministry of construction of Russia and AHML jointly with the government of the Saratov region. Regular forum “Environment for living: the apartment and the city” held may 13-15 in the city of Saratov. Software management of the forum is the Strelka Institute.

The first forum “Environment for life” was held in Technopark of Innopolis near Kazan in October 2016. The forum was attended by about 350 leading Russian and foreign experts and representatives of authorities. The forum participants were leading international architects, urbanists from Spain, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, UAE, USA and other countries. In just two days the event was attended by over 800 guests.

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