Nokia 3310: is new — is well forgotten old?

In Russia started selling the updated version of the classic Nokia 3310. The Finnish company HMD Global (the owner of the rights to the Nokia brand) presented a remake back in late February, stating that the iconic phone is returned.

So far, the phone can only be purchased in some stores in Moscow and in the Moscow region (estimated price — 3990 rubles), in other cities able to pre-order.

In this regard, we have decided to recall than the remake differs from the original, and whether a new phone has the properties of its legendary predecessor.

What is left?

  • Button. Great news for those who are tired of touchscreen and Apple’s attempts to get rid of even the Home button. But be warned: the key layout has changed. In the new version of 3310 you will not find even the usual “long” arrows to scroll through the menu.
  • Size. Dimensions the new version is virtually indistinguishable from the Nokia 2000-ies. But the weight changed significantly: 133 g old version vs 79,6 g new. The developers explain this by the fact that in 17 years of parts for mobile phones thoroughly “reduced weight”. This allowed new models to be lighter, while maintaining the external similarity.
  • Snake. The good old way to pass the time. The only thing that prevents to call the game authentic, is its full color (as practice shows, in updated Nokia, in principle, too many colors).
  • Standard 2G. “Slow” format that does not imply any frills, in terms of Internet usage and data transmission.

What has changed?

  • Price. Now original Nokia retromobil you can get by paying 800 rubles to 4,000 rubles (the price depends on the policies of online stores and private dealers). Stated updated 3310 price in Europe — €49 (that is about 2990 rubles). In Russia, the novelty can be purchased for around 4000 RUB.
  • Form. Whatever may be said developers — it is not the same. Especially striking is the difference between the size of the screen: display with a resolution of 84×48 pixels and a diagonal of 1.5 inches in the old version vs of 320×240 pixels and 2.4 inches in the new.
  • A color display. Without a good old monochrome, pixel images, and long hours spent over the black-and-white catalogs trying to choose a new Wallpaper for your screen.
  • The color of the body. Red, yellow, blue and gray is too colorful to classic blue and grey Nokia phones. The changes have also affected the market of interchangeable panels. In the new model it is possible to change only the rear side of the housing, while the old 3310 it was possible to transform completely, buying a replacement “case”.
  • Battery-survivor. It would seem that it is difficult to imagine something more “enduring” than the old 3310. However, the new model is significantly superior to the classics in this parameter: the gap is tens of hours and days. Average possible canonical 3310 is 2.5 hours in talk time and around 55 hours in standby mode. The new model allows you to spend up to 22 hours of talk time and 31 days standby.
  • Camera. The old model felt quite self-sufficient without it. In 2000-ies the usual social networks and selfies did not yet exist, so customers have not experienced the urgent need to photograph themselves and others. The new 3310 camera is. However, the declared quality images 2 megapixel nowadays, almost equivalent to its absence.
  • Headphone Jack 3.5 mm. What was not in the old version, and which recently decided to abandon in the Apple. It also means a departure from polyphony in favor of other audio formats (however, the developers have promised to keep for nostalgic classic ringtone).
  • Other luxuries. Technical progress has been stronger than the desire for authenticity. A new Nokia is Bluetooth, connector for micro USB (goodbye, bulky charger) and a slot for MicroSD, which allows to extend the built-in 16 MB memory up to 32 GB (so it’s unlikely to have to delete old text messages in order to free up a little space).

What is in question?

  • Legendary endurance. On the indestructibility of the old 3310 has long been legends (backed up by numerous crash tests). Is relatively new it is difficult to say anything. Only time will tell.