Putin: the project “One belt and one road” brings stability to the world economy

BEIJING, may 15. /TASS/. Internal political struggle in the United States, brexit and other issues creates anxiety in the economy in the world, and the project “One belt and one road” brings stability. This was stated at a press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In the United States continues as we can see, acute internal political struggle that creates a certain nervousness, not only in politics but also in economy. In the European community, all anxiously watching what will happen brexit, as it will be what the results will be. And within the EU, you know, a lot more problems as a country. And of course today, of course, demand signals, which would give hope for some stability,” said Putin.

According to him, in this sense, the initiative of China “One belt and one road” is very timely. “The so-called margins (forum) naturally, discussed with colleagues, assess what is happening here in Beijing. Almost all said the following: in conditions when the largest, in the leading centers of political and economic we are seeing an increasing number of elements of uncertainty,” he said.

He noted that the participants intend to develop the format of the forum. “This is not a Chinese initiative, and the initiative of participants in today’s meeting. It is how to make this event permanent. Our host, the President of China Mr. XI Jinping has announced that the next meeting in this format will be held in 2019,” – said Putin.

According to him, today in fact the mechanism works. “Just a gradual institutionalization of the situations in my life and so have a seat,” he said.

As Putin said, Russia is developing a priority development area, infrastructure of ports and airports of the Far East. “A lot of people willing to participate in the development of this infrastructure,” the President said. According to him, a great prospect at the initiative of Russia on creation of the Asian electricity grid. He noted that Russia has excess generating capacity in the far East. Putin said that investors from France and China have invested tens of billions of dollars in the project “Yamal LNG”. “This is just one project, and they are actually much more and more, I’m sure. Initiative (forum) very useful, timely and I hope with prospects of development”, – Putin said.