Mining a Russian analogue of shale oil by 2025 to reach 10 million tons

MOSCOW, may 17. /TASS/. Oil production from the Bazhenov formation – a Russian analogue of US shale oil – could reach by 2025, 10 million tonnes in the case of the project for the development of domestic technologies for the extraction of this type of oil. This is stated in the presentation of the head of the Directorate for exploration and resource base development “Gazprom” Alexey Vashkevich.

The company plans to implement the project of domestic technology and equipment for the Bazhenov formation, to participation in which will attract and other vertically integrated oil companies (vertically integrated oil company).

In case of successful implementation of the project, the extraction of “Gazprom Oil” on bagena may reach 2.5 million tonnes per year by 2021. If other companies would take part in it, the budget of Russia in 2025 will additionally receive about 30 billion rubles, and the total production at bazine will rise to 10 million tonnes.

Alexey Vashkevich also said that the idea of realization of the project actively support line ministries and the main players in the oil market. But he acknowledged that the chances of its successful implementation of far below 100%.

The company will develop and implement search technology promising oil and gas bearing of the Bazhenov formation at the base of the landfill at the Palyanovskaya area of the Krasnodar field in KHMAO. The “Gazprom Neft”, many other companies involved in the development of technologies on its ground, intends to become the operator of the project.

“Russia now has the opportunity to not just be playing catch-up, but also to be ahead on a number of technologies. I admit that this can happen after a few years,” assessed the prospects of a top Manager of the company.