“Rostelecom”: the project of search engine “Sputnik” will be continued

MOSCOW, may 17. /TASS/. “Rostelecom” exploring options for further development of the national search engine “Sputnik”. As told journalists the head of the company Mikhail Oseevsky, this product is examined for possible application in other directions.

“We think now, what could be more apps and, first and foremost, of course, look at the use of these products for processing big data. Here are the different areas we studied. This project will surely continue,” – said Oseyevsky.

Previously, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing sources close to Rostelecom, said that the company acknowledged the unpopularity created the search engine “Sputnik” and intend to revise the concept or to close the project. The sources said that the project could be reoriented to new tasks associated with the calculation of big data.

Oseyevsky said that “in any case, the company will conduct optimization of costs in order to become poeffektivnee”.

In those realities in which to begin work on the “Companion”, this project was perfectly justified, said the head of “Rostelecom”.

“It is obvious that the task of development of the Russian segment of the Internet in different periods of time varies. We must honestly admit that you have created a good product, a complete kit that includes both search engine and browser. And, probably, in this context, this project your task is really fulfilled – and the company, and the country had such a tool is” – said Oseyevsky.

He also added that at the current threats of cyber attacks the problem of import substitution or the creation of additional opportunities for Russian users, public and corporate, relevant.

“And what we saw last week (attack of the virus WannaCry – approx. TASS), once again confirms this. Another thing is that the quality of these products is also should be appropriate”, he added.

“Rostelecom” will present a new strategy for “Sputnik” as soon as it is articulate. Project costs the company did not disclose.