The FAS found indications of a cartel in public procurement technology Lenovo and HP for 6 billion rubles

SAINT PETERSBURG, may 17. /TASS/. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia has found signs of “computer” in public procurement 6 billion rubles. We are talking about purchasing equipment Lenovo and HP. About this TASS Deputy head, state Secretary of the FAS Andrey tsarikovskiy.

“I think I would consider the total number of episodes to 6 billion rubles. While we have not proved (a conspiracy – approx. edited by TASS), we can’t call them people, violated antitrust law. But the auction having signs of violations of Antimonopoly legislation, we have already found (worth), about 6 billion rubles,” – said Tsarikovsky on the sidelines of St. Petersburg international legal forum.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the FAS estimated the amount of trading in 2 billion roubles.

Lenovo and HP can receive penalties in the amount of 25% of the amount of trading for coordinating the “digital cartel”, Tsarikovsky said on the sidelines of St. Petersburg International legal forum.

“The fines for a very tidy sum that you can roughly equate to a quarter of the price on the order. It is sensitive,” said he, answering the question of what sanctions threaten companies, if the FAS proves that they coordinated the activities of the cartel.

While FAS was not recognized Lenovo and HP guilty, but found signs of violation. “Coordination of the activities of the cartel. This suspicion, there are signs,” Tsarikovsky said.

Earlier FAS has attracted Russian structure HP and Lenovo as defendants in the case of cartel collusion in the supply of computers for the gas “Vybory”. According to authorities, the Russian representative office of Lenovo the Chinese and American HP coordinated the activities of the cartel.

Furthermore, the court found that the anticompetitive agreement was concluded and on other tenders for the supply of computers. In particular, suspected the bidders for the Pension Fund, Federal tax service and Federal customs service.