The Ministry believes the optimal price of a bottle of vodka 100-130 rubles

MOSCOW, may 16. /TASS/. The Ministry believes that the government should develop a balanced excise policy aimed at reducing the price of legal alcohol. The optimal price for vodka is 100-130 rubles per 0.5 liter bottle, according to the materials of the Ministry to the meeting in the Federation Council.

In addition, the Ministry proposes to remove excessive restrictions on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages. For example, to legalize Internet trade in alcohol, to prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages at non-stationary sites in rural areas, to allow the sale of alcoholic products for retail markets, in the shops at gas stations, sanatoria and health resorts and sports facilities.

In addition it is proposed to differentiate the cost of licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages. In Moscow and St.-Petersburg it cost should be 65 thousand rubles, in other cities of Russia – 25 thousand rubles., and in rural settlements – 3,5 thousand rubles., believe in the Ministry of industry and trade.

At the same time, the Ministry insists on banning the retail sale of food alcohol-containing products (“supplements”), calling them alcoholic substitute. This is not to ban the sale of non-food alcohol-containing liquids, stresses in the materials. This is due to the fact that many such fluids are everyday products. To prevent the use of alcohol-containing medicines as alcoholic beverages Minpromtorg proposes to establish a list of drugs for which a limit on the volume of the box.