Millionaires found the most unpredictable in history

Moscow. May 17. INTERFAX.RU – the Vast majority of people with high level of welfare, participated in a recent survey of UBS believe that the current period (without specifying the time boundaries) is the most unpredictable in history. As stated in the report of the Swiss Bank, this opinion was expressed by 82% of 2842 respondents from the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico. Each has investable assets worth at least $1 million (excluding real estate).

The proportion of those who hold this point of view, is the highest among the wealthiest Mexicans, and Singaporeans – 84%. Three quarters of respondents believe the cache is a credible alternative at a time when markets, uncertainty reigns. About half (51%) remain optimistic, hoping for improvement in personal finances in the next 12 months, 13% fear deterioration, others do not expect major changes.

More than three quarters of millionaires believe that emotions now play a more significant role in shaping public opinion than facts; in particular, it is emotions that determined the outcome of the last election. 68% of wealthy people surveyed by UBS who complain about the excess of information that does not help, but hinders to make important decisions. While 72% of respondents noted that short-term factors and risks distracting them from long-term financial planning.

Despite this, the majority (57%) of respondents are confident that they will be able to cope with uncertainty and implement long-term goals. Three quarters of respondents expect the aid of experts and are willing to pay for their advice.

Wealthy citizens are more likely to believe the Newspapers (70%) and leading TV channels (63%), while trust in television largely depends on the country: in the UK I listen to him almost 75% of respondents in Italy and Mexico is only half.

The biggest problem Mexico it millionaires called corruption. The British are concerned about the process of negotiations on leaving the EU (Brexit), the Italians – high youth unemployment, the Swiss – real estate prices. Singapore residents concerned about the situation in world trade and the growing threat of protectionism, and of Japanese nationals concerned about the aging of the population.