Money under the state program of assistance to mortgage holders is not enough half of the applicants

Moscow. May 18. INTERFAX.RU – the Funds allocated for the state program of restructuring of mortgage loans over two months before the official expiry of the programme, therefore, will not be able to get about 19 thousand people, writes on Thursday “Kommersant”.

The program was launched in April 2015. It troubled mortgage restructuring at a rate for a client not exceeding 12% per annum. Compensation will be paid by the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML), which has received for those purposes 4.5 billion rubles from the budget.

Formally the program is valid until may 31, but in fact the money ran out at the end of March, told “Kommersant” of the seller. However, to suspend the acceptance of applications was impossible, and in recent months asked for help about 30 thousand people. Half of the entries – 19 thousand – corresponds to the terms of the program and could be satisfied if the seller had the means. Thus for all of the previous duration of the program (nearly 2 years) asked for help only 22 thousand people.

The cost of all necessary statements and certificates to apply for restructuring of up to 7 thousand rubles. Those who were not included in the program, to compensate it will not be, informs “Kommersant”.