Pamfilova called “Apple” and “Parnassus” to come to the training before the elections to the Duma

MOSCOW, may 17. /TASS/. The Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation, Ella Pamfilova called on Yabloko, Parnas, the Party of growth and the party “Great Motherland” to participate in training on preparation of information about candidates and authorised persons for the additional elections to the state Duma on one-mandatory district of Kingisepp in the Leningrad region. Such a statement she made at a meeting of the CEC.

Pamfilova recalled that on 18 may, the CEC will provide training for the party members to work with a specialized program, prepared for by-elections to the state Duma on one-mandatory district of Kingisepp. It is used to prepare documents about the candidates and their trusted persons in machine-readable form.

“As of today, representatives of 13 parties announced their intention to participate in the training. Not filed an application to participate in the training of the representatives of the four parties participating in the elections of deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation: the Party of growth, “Parnassus”, “Apple” the party “Great Motherland” – said Pamfilova.

She noticed that the party “Yabloko” “very often is” with criticism, and sometimes makes it “not deeply thoughtful”, “a thing is not professionally voiced all over the country”. “I would like to see parties that I have listed, still responded. Before you make loud statements on certain issues, for the authority of any party it is important that they were well thought out and professional, and the training is absolutely not hurt anyone”, – said the head of the CEC.

In the single voting day September 10, will pass by-election of the Deputy of the state Duma on one-mandatory district of Kingisepp in the Leningrad region. In this district in the Duma elections in 2016, won the speaker of the state Duma of the previous convocation Sergey Naryshkin, however, he was appointed head of the foreign intelligence Service and mandate remained vacant. Only in the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation on the results of registration were attended by 14 parties.