“Rostelecom” has promised not to close the search engine “Sputnik”

Moscow. May 17. INTERFAX.RU – “Rostelecom” plans to close rospostavki “Sputnik”, the operator plans to refocus the project to other tasks, told reporters the President of the operator Mikhail Oseevsky.

“I must admit, was established a good product, it is a full complex, which includes search engine and browser, and, probably, in this context, this project has fulfilled its task. However, he did not, I don’t know, and the task was to create a full-fledged competition “Yandex” or Google, but the company (Rostelecom – if), and the country such a tool is, we now think, what could be additional opportunities,” – said the head of “Rostelecom”, commenting on the possible elimination of the system.

According to him, in the first place the company looks at the possibility of using products of the “Satellite” for big data processing. “Here explores a variety of directions. This project will definitely continue,” he added.

Governor added that the situation that created Sputnik, was different than it is now, so the project was not as effective. “Obviously, the challenge is to develop the Russian segment of Runet – she’s in different time periods changing. I think that the situation in which the project began to grow, was different, because any system must be sustainable. For stability you need a critical number of base elements. Initially, the work was connected with this”, – said the head of the operator, adding that in the near future the operator will optimize the project costs.

“We see that the objective of import substitution and the creation of additional opportunities for Russian users, and States and corporations to have a decent Russian product – relevant, as soon as we establish a new strategy to “Sputnik”, just imagine it,” – said Oseyevsky.

As expected, “Satellite” was supposed to be the “point of access to digital infrastructure of society and the state”, so it provided several services that helped users to find official information, public services, addresses of state institutions. In addition, one of the main objectives was to ensure the priority of official sources of information and highly relevant to queries.

According to LiveInternet data for April of the current year, sputnik.ru less than 1% of the search market in Runet, Yandex’s share amounted to 54%, Google of 40.8%, Mail.ru 4.4 per cent.

Sputnik on 74,99% owned by the “daughters” of “Rostelecom” “RTKOMM.ru” and “Rostelecom international limited”, the rest – Vyacheslav Rudnikova and Vasily Vasin. In addition to search offers users a variety of related services. In addition, Sputnik has developed and distributes the eponymous browser (including mobile).

According to “SPARK-Interfax”, the proceeds of “Sputnik” in 2015 amounted to 136,6 million roubles, a loss – 150,5 million rubles. the Company, unlike other major search engines, does not sell advertising and does not earn it. The initial investment in the project amounted to $20 million, however, total investments “Rostelecom” does not open.