Volodin urged members to “law-minded”

MOSCOW, may 19. /TASS/. Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin urged members to “law-minded” and move away from populism in the legislative process.

“If we want to take seriously the question of legislation, then we need to start from their factions to like-minded people supported”, – he declared on Friday as part of the discussion of amendments to the regulations of the state Duma on the introduction of requirements to the deputies – members of the factions to notify their parliamentary Association by-laws draft.

“When associates know about it in the last turn, and then they comment and often this bill is not supported, we do not make laws, and the populism of the real”, – said the speaker.

Volodin said that with the adoption of these amendments “faction will now be able to ask for compliance with applicable regulations”. “Introduces the requirement that the member must perform in front of the fraction. Well, Yes, but how? He was elected from the party, the faction entered, and when even your factions do not support, is it serious?” – concluded the head of the chamber.

The state Duma on Friday is discussing amendments to its rules for optimization of the legislative process. “The Deputy of the State Duma entering the fraction, according to the relevant fraction shall notify the faction on the bill prepared by them (including jointly with State Duma deputies belonging to other factions) for submission to the State Duma,” – said in the text of the draft amendments.