Zakharova: the state Department report on “crimes of the Assad regime” unproven

MOSCOW, may 18. /TASS/. Published this week the report of the US State Department on “the crimes of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria” contains a “known and not the original set of stamps”, which is unproven. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on Thursday during a briefing.

“All the allegations have no texture on the alleged from Damascus numerous violations of international law, including the noma of international conflicts and human rights”, – said Zakharov.

“Traditionally, Washington refers to data from human rights organizations and information from its own intelligence that it is not possible to test or to study, including the methodology of preparation of these materials, she continued. In this regard, I hope that instead of standard offerings, as always, to accept on faith their assertions that our American colleagues will publish a convincing proof of his loud statements, which otherwise can be considered as part of the information war against Syria.”

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry drew attention to the recent media footage of mercenary armed Syrian opposition on the formulation of himataki in Khan Sheyhun 4 APR. “The report clearly indicates that the chemical attack was staged to discredit the government of Syria on the eve of Russian-American contacts, she explained. – A former employee of the “White helmets” confirmed that the purpose of the provocation was the creation of false evidence that Damascus has not fulfilled obligations to destroy chemical weapons and used it against the people of Idlib”.

According to her, earlier in the online media referring to the American movement veterans has information that the video footage of the rescue of the residents of Khan shaykhun was filmed for four days by a camera crew of Qatar and the UK.

“We hope that this information will be carefully studied and appropriate conclusions will be made, what is more, it’s time to put a dam in the way of spreading this fake river”, – said Zakharov.