The Russian foreign Ministry explained to British publication the Times about RT and Sputnik “journalistic zeal”

MOSCOW, may 20. /TASS/. The Russian foreign Ministry commented on may 5, published in the British newspaper The Times an article “Putin’s Propaganda”, in which the publication, in particular, spoke negatively against Russian broadcaster RT and the Agency Sputnik, calling them “monstrous state instrument of fraud filed under the guise of news.” According to the Russian depodesta, the reason for this leweniqila can be seen in journalistic jealousy.

“We believe that mediacracy the UK are familiar with the results of the validation the British government by the media regulator Ofcom (Office for communications) activities of Russia Today (RT) and the news Agency Sputnik. It is known that under the definition of “failure” did not hit any one of the information products released by these Russian media companies. On the contrary, The Times regularly incriminating in spreading fake news,” reads a statement posted the website of the Ministry under the heading “Examples of publications, replicated false information about Russia.”

“We do not exclude that prevailed over the feelings of journalistic jealousy prompted the editors of The Times to climatically in relation to Russia Today (RT) and the news Agency Sputnik,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.