Sechin urged not to overestimate its role in strengthening the positions of Rosneft

Moscow. May 18. INTERFAX.RU – Igor Sechin, 2004-2011 Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Rosneft”, and since 2012 heads the company itself, urged not to overestimate its role in the growth of NK, whose production since the beginning of zero has increased tenfold.

At a press conference in Berlin a journalist from Germany asked Sechin, “are there people in Russia who are not afraid of you, or they don’t need to be afraid of you”.

“I wanted to thank you for the question, but I can’t otherwise give the impression that I myself ask it. Actually, I wouldn’t overestimate the role of personality in history”, – said the head of “Rosneft”.

“There are objective processes that occur in the markets for mergers and acquisitions. I think the priority should be efficiency. Efficiency and understanding of the synergy that these deals can bring. And then everything depends on your professionalism, your patience, your consistency, willingness to work. Yes, some of the transactions were a key character. In 1994, “Rosneft” has produced 4 million tons last year got 278 million tonnes, but not this entire result was achieved at the expense of transactions, was organic growth. To answer your question, I would like to say that the contribution to the growth of the company belong to other managers,” said CEO of Rosneft, highlighting, in particular, first Vice President Eric Liron, who oversees the implementation of technology in the production.

“Rosneft” has not privatized anything. We worked and bought everything on the market”, – said Sechin.

“Some of the things we do in order not to fall under the spell of our contractors. At some point, we have seen price fixing in the provision of oilfield services, and were forced to engage in the creation of its drilling services”, – said the head of the NC.

“We are working on a tender basis, are actively engaged in the cooperation with large traders can find greater efficiency in conducting swap operations, transport substitution”, – said the head of the company.