Matviyenko has supported the Moscow authorities, who decided on a large-scale renovation project

MOSCOW, may 23. /TASS/. The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko expressed her support of the Moscow authorities, who decided on an ambitious program of renovation of the housing stock. She reported about it in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“I commend the mayor, the city government of Moscow because they showed the political will to undertake such a huge project. As someone who himself was a Governor, I understand how it was not easy, and fully support them,” said Matvienko.

According to her, people affected by the renovation, you can understand. “They are afraid that their deceived, that their property rights will be violated. In this situation, you need to reach everyone to explain to everyone the essence of the project, to convince. It’s not easy, but without such work can not do, not to get the trust and support of the people”, – said the speaker.

The authorities of Moscow have to go to rallies against the renovation

The Federation Council speaker said that the representatives of the Moscow authorities not only to meetings where people need to turn their homes into a program of renovation of the housing stock, but also in promotions where the citizens are against this project.

“The Moscow authorities are coming to meetings, communicating with citizens. But not only in meetings where people are standing with posters “count us in” project. It should not be avoided and actions, where citizens oppose the renovation,” – said Matvienko. According to her, the position of citizens who are against, largely due to the fact that they do not know the details of the project. The politician said that the renovation is a very sensitive issue.

“And here we must speak honestly with the public. Moscow authorities now are doing a lot to inform people. But we must understand their psychology even if 90% of the residents vote for the future demolition and relocation, there is always someone who wants to live in this apartment, in this house, on this street. Of course, the government can not ignore their opinion”, – said Matvienko.

She also noted that some of the protests against the renovation are trying to organize people who are using this issue in order “to destabilize the situation, sow fears that the citizens deceived relocated beyond the MKAD”. According to Matvienko, it is “obvious speculation on the vital problem.” “If to call things by their names, it is conscious politics,” – said Matvienko.

As head of Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow Vladimir Chernikov, the campaign “For rights of Muscovites” will be held on may 27 at the Suvorov square in the capital, the planned number of participants to 1,5 thousand people. Key fact four: against the demolition of garages, against infill construction, the protection of defrauded investors and against the renovation, said one of the organizers, a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Georgy Fedorov.

Valentina Matviyenko also noted the importance of taking on the city day the law on additional guarantees of the housing and property rights of natural and legal persons when carrying out renovations. “Now the Parliament is discussing a Federal law. It will be an additional protection of citizens ‘rights, a guarantee that no one will be able to act outside legal framework”, – said Matvienko.

About the program of renovation of

In early 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the mayor to demolish all the so-called Khrushchev in Moscow, and in their place to build new homes. The program is designed for at least 10-15 years. When around the July 2017 to be determined, a list of houses subject to demolition, will become apparent volumes of renovation. According to preliminary data, it was about 25 million sq. m.

However, in the voting list of the inhabitants, which takes place from 15 may to 15 June, slightly more than half of homes: 4.5 million instead of the nearly 8 thousand In the list for voting included the building that meet two conditions: unsatisfactory technical condition of the house and the support of a significant majority (70%) of respondents in the inclusion of his house in the draft programme.

In the initial phase to be funded the program will be from the city budget. According to the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, “for the promotion of the settlement programme will require about 300 billion rubles for three years.”

Moscow residents whose homes will be included in the list of obsolete or dilapidated housing will receive apartments of the same or larger total area. In early March in the state Duma introduced a bill regulating the procedure of renovation of five-story housing in the capital. On 20 April, the document was adopted in the first reading.