The state Duma Committee does not support the transfer of five years of the entry into force of the “Spring package”

MOSCOW, may 22. /TASS/. The profile state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption does not support the initiative to transfer five years of the date of entry into force of the amendments to anti-terrorism legislation, which allows to store information of users of telephone and Internet communications (the so-called Spring package). This was stated to journalists by the head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev (“United Russia”).

He reiterated that the Committee is the initiative of Federation Council member Anton Belyakov offers to move for 2023 the date of entry into force of these provisions, but the Committee has no plans to support it. “Proposed Federal law is not necessary to pigeonhole them as soon as possible, you need to implement as additional leverage to counter terrorism and ensure public safety,” said Piskarev.

He drew attention that “the provisions of the Federal law has not yet entered into force, and the practice of enforcement of these rules, to date, has not been established”. “We need to wait for their entry into force and see whether there will be difficulties with realization,” – said the MP.

He also said that the initiative to transfer the entry of the law and is not supported by the relevant Committee of the Federation Council.

A package of anti-terror laws, signed on 7 July by Russian President Vladimir Putin, from July 1, 2018 obliges the Telecom operators for three years to store data on the facts of reception, transmission, delivery and processing of voice information and text messages, images, sounds and videos. The most “heavy” content such as images, sounds and video – operators should keep 6 months. All of this information will also need to provide at the request of the security services.