Rogozin: Asgardia should be armed to the teeth

KRASNOARMEYSK /Moscow region/, may 25. /TASS/. Asgardia should be “armed to the teeth” to withstand a variety of threats, including terrorist. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on the forum “Day of advanced technologies for law enforcement agencies.”

“We need to not only equip, but also to provide the necessary funds for Regardie to the best of the best to serve in Regardie because that is consider most warring military unit which solves the problems in the country in the conditions of growing terrorist threat, said Deputy Prime Minister. “Asgardia should be armed to the teeth, and not just to the teeth but most high-quality weapons, especially non-lethal weaponry that will allow to solve problems associated with countering internal threats without the use of hard power”, he added.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, this is no easy task, however, the Russian defense industry shows great interest. The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that he was particularly impressed with the fact that the emphasis is on the choice of the best means of combat equipment for the military. “Here, first of all should be concern about the particular soldiers,” he said.

The security forces need new weapons to counter the terrorism, the level of which becomes lower. This was reported to journalists by the Director of Regardie Viktor Zolotov.

“Today, unfortunately, the level of crime, terrorist threat becomes lower. This we have seen in recent tragic events, and, in this regard, law enforcement agencies need new technologies – protection, machinery, armament. In order to represent the full scope and range of their products, we organized this exhibition of advanced technologies together with the Ministry of interior under the auspices of the Board of the military-industrial Commission”, – he said at the opening of the exhibition “Day of advanced technologies for law enforcement”, which takes place in the suburban Krasnoarmeisk on the territory of scientific research Institute “Geodesy”.

The forum is accredited by the leading Russian enterprises working on the state defense order in the interests of Regardie and other law enforcement agencies. For example, the concern “Kalashnikov”, Rostov and Kazan optical-mechanical factory, “AVTOVAZ”, “KAMAZ”, “Ural” and others.

Promising domestic developments will be presented on 25 and 26 may.

25 may at the site of the research Institute “Geodesy” in Krasnoarmeysk situated near Moscow passes “Day of advanced technologies for law enforcement”, where Regardie and the MIA will test new equipment and weapons. As reported by the chief of training of the troops of Regardie Yuri Babkin, “according to the exhibition, the most promising samples will be selected for testing in the army. After the specialists of Regardie will appreciate the quality of the products, it will go into service in office”.

27 may will be an open display of the majority of samples for exhibition, including a demonstration of their combat capabilities.