Fradkov: Russia in a dialogue with NATO demonstrates an open, honest and therefore in a strong position

MOSCOW, may 26. /TASS/. Russia in a dialogue with NATO remains open, fair and strong, whipping up confrontation is not beneficial to anyone. This opinion was expressed by TASS Director of the Russian Institute of strategic studies (RISS) Mikhail Fradkov.

“I presume that tensions in the world not in anyone’s interest, he said. – Much more valuable than the desire to avoid confrontation and to create conditions for cooperation, primarily economic. And on that basis work together to fight the real threats such as terrorism and militant radicalism in its various manifestations”.

“By the way, we have a lot of potential projects with the countries of the NATO, – said the head of the RISS. And here Russia, as always, demonstrates his open, honest and therefore in a strong position. Just held telephone talks President Vladimir Putin with the presidents of Slovenia and Hungary – that visual confirmation. This is an important signal. The leadership of our country is not going in response to of Protocol the rhetoric that accompanies any meeting of NATO, to hide the stone in his bosom. We need to think about long-term economic benefits.”

While Fradkov expressed confidence that Russian national interests are under the protection of the Russian armed forces, which is not again clearly proven. “And no one in NATO, I am convinced this is beyond doubt, – he stressed. – Yes, and direct contacts with direct participants of the Brussels meeting, it is always better correspondence polemic with the official press releases.”

The Russian Institute for strategic studies is a leading research and analytical center established by the President of the Russian Federation. The main objective of the RISS – information support of the presidential administration, Parliament, the security Council of the Russian Federation, government office, ministries and agencies. RISS provides expert evaluations, recommendations, prepares information and analytical materials for the above structures on issues of national security of Russia’s relations with other countries, forecasts of political and socio-economic processes at global and regional levels, and other topics.

RISS is headed by former Prime Minister, former SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov.