Putin: Russia’s interests and France is more important than the current political situation


VERSAILLES, may 29. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the fundamental interests of Moscow and Paris are more important than the current political situation. “I am convinced that the fundamental interests of Russia and France is much more important than the current political situation,” he said at a press conference following talks with President of France Emmanuel Macron.

The Russian leader recalled that in recent years, none of the French company of almost 500 not left the Russian market. According to him, the direct French investments in the Russian economy increased in 2016 by $2.5 billion, while trade between the two countries increased by 14%. For the first quarter of this year turnover has increased by more than 23%.

Putin added that the sides also discussed humanitarian cooperation, the need to increase youth exchanges. The head of state drew attention to the fact that surrounded by Macron many employees know Russian language. “That’s very positive – said the President of the Russian Federation. – I hope that we here will be more supporters, people who understand us, feel and with whom it will be possible to discuss things of mutual interest.”

Russia and France see a possible common ground on key issues of international policy and can move to resolve the existing problems, Putin said.

“Recovering a turnover, we are now engaged in finding ways and points of contact on key issues on the international agenda and, I think, we see them, we are able to move, at least try to start a General movement toward resolution of the key problems of today”, – said Putin.

Responding to a question about whether there is cause to celebrate the positive in Russian-French relations, the Russian leader has noticed that his visit is timed to the 300th anniversary of the visit to France of Peter the great. “This trip was a significant event in our bilateral relations – as there is nothing to celebrate? Here, the 300th anniversary of the visit note; it would be a desire something to celebrate, and if the desire is there, we will always find – that” – with a smile said the President of the Russian Federation.

About alleged Russian intervention in elections in France

Russia has not interfered in the elections in any country, subject for discussion on this topic does not exist, said the President of the Russian Federation.

“With regard to alleged Russian interference in anyone’s elections, the issue we have not discussed, and Mr. President (of France) no interest in that is not shown. Well, from my side – what’s to discuss? I believe that subject matter does not exist,” the Russian leader said, answering the question was raised of whether the meeting of presidents is the subject of accusations against the Russian attempts to interfere in the presidential electoral process in France.

The meeting with Le Pen

In the same vein, Putin said to a question about his visit to Moscow in March with the competitor Rules on the presidential race, the leader of the party “national front” marine Le pen. “If Ms. Le pen has asked us about the meeting, why should we refuse her, especially (and most importantly for us) she has always publicly taken a position on developing relations with our country”, – said Putin. “It would be strange for us to push off from those politicians in Europe who want to develop multifaceted cooperation with Russia, but this does not mean that we somehow tried to influence the elections,” – said the Russian leader.

Putin stressed that Le pen is not the first time came to Moscow. “She is regularly coming to Moscow. We are ready to accept any person in General, always”, he added. The Russian leader stressed that he does not consider that its views relating to the conservation identity of the peoples of Europe on strengthening the sovereignty of the European countries, devoid of all Foundation are meaningless. “I don’t think so. My position may not coincide with other colleagues, but I have always expressed it openly”, – said Putin.

The Russian President emphasized that Russia is perfectly aware of the realities of political life in France. “You think we didn’t know the polls, did not understand what was happening, did not understand for whom the preference of the majority of French? We all have seen, understood, he said. In such matters we are not children, we do serious business”.

In conclusion, Putin added that there are fundamental interests of the peoples of Russia and France, which exist regardless of the current political situation, and they are the reference in management of both States.

Russian hackers

Commenting on rumors about the alleged involvement of Russian hackers for impact on elections in France, Putin said that there is no reliable information proving this fact. “I draw your attention to how this question was worded (or maybe the translation was like this); You asked: “they Say that maybe interfered with Russian hackers”. Dear colleague, how can you comment on such things? the President of the Russian Federation to the journalist. – Who says? On the basis of what he says? It is not clear!”

“Maybe the Russian hackers, but maybe not. On this basis we come to any conclusions?” – he said, noting that the press can, of course, draw any conclusions, after all, the media exist in order to familiarize citizens with various points of view. However, according to him, the policy to base its actions on the basis of unsubstantiated assumptions – “a road to nowhere.”

The joint solution of problems of terrorism

The Russian President said that Moscow and Paris are determined to find joint solutions to the problems of Syria, Ukraine, the missile programme of the DPRK, as well as terrorism. “(Today held talks Putin and President of France Emmanuel macron) Spoke about the Ukrainian crisis, talked about the possibilities of settlement of the Syrian problem, of course, not paid attention to this complicated and dangerous, in my opinion, the situation as the situation with the nuclear problem in North Korea and the North Korean missile program, – said the Russian leader. – We are determined to seek a joint solution to all these problems – of course, so that they do not worsen the situation and improve it.”

As noted by the President of the Russian Federation, a number of assessments on Syria, Moscow and Paris match, countries can improve cooperation in the framework of the settlement of the situation in Syria.

“The important thing is that we are now in the negotiations felt that many of the things we valued about the same, with the same positions, although there are some differences. But what unites us, gives us reason to believe that we can not only intensify, but also to improve the quality of our cooperation”, – said Putin.

The Russian President noted that France contributes to the fight against terrorism in Syria to the international coalition under US leadership. “As far as France is independent in matters of an operational nature, we do not know, because this is the agreement between the allies, we do not dedicate” he added.