Zakharov: Russian foreign Ministry recommends Russians to think twice before going to Montenegro

MOSCOW, may 29. /TASS/. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the background discharge in Montenegro anti-Russian hysteria encourages the Russians to think twice before going to this country. This was stated on Monday by the official representative of the Russian depodesta Maria Zakharova, commenting on the statement of the foreign Minister of Montenegro Srdjan of Germanovichi in an interview with the Slovak Agency TASR.

“We have repeatedly declared innocence official Russian side to whatever the steps to organize illegal actions in Montenegro, noted Zakharov. – Believe official Podgorica broadcast a story about “coup d’etat” and alleged involvement of Moscow in this Scam is a good example of misinformation aimed to discredit Russia, to configure the Montenegrin citizens against the fraternal Russian people, to cover anti-democratic methods Podgorica on retraction of the country in NATO to bypass the opinions of the citizens.”

According to her, calling Russian investments inefficient, “the Minister forgets that the root causes of negative steel one-way destructive steps of the Montenegrin leadership, the creation of artificial barriers to doing good business”. “Unfortunately, the state elite in Montenegro are usually not under the law. In such circumstances, the Russian citizens and businesses seriously at risk of coming under pressure from the Montenegrin authorities, to deal with direct threats and provocations”, – said the diplomat.

“At a time when Montenegro continues whipping up anti-Russian hysteria in the background of the overall regression of bilateral relations, are forced to urge Russian citizens to think twice before going to this country”, – said Zakharov.

“Worst advertising Montenegro, than the statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germanovich against Russia, Russians and Russian investors to think hard,” – said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

Russia will clarify the ban on the entry of MP vuković

Zakharova also said that Russia is ready to provide Montenegro clarification of the ban on entry of the representative of the Democratic party of socialists of Montenegro Miodrag vuković.

“It is no secret that Montenegro initially joined the anti-Russian EU sanctions, including a personal nature, she said. We always said that reserve the right to retaliate on the basis of reciprocity, as is customary in diplomatic practice. Appropriate explanations are given to the Montenegrin side.”