Putin: Russia can work with the United States, when the Democrats recognize the victory trump

PARIS, may 31. /TASS/. Relations between Russia and the United States will have a chance to improve, when Washington will cease to use anti-Russian rhetoric in the political struggle. This opinion was expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Le Figaro.

“It (a difficult internal political situation in the US) is based on the desire of those who lost the election in the United States, to somehow fix things due to anti-Russian attacks by accusations of Russian interference,” – said Putin. “People who lost elections, did not want to admit that they really lost that those who won were closer to the people, it is a better idea of what you want people, ordinary voters,” he said.

“Here to admit it does not want to. I want to explain to myself and others to prove that their policies were correct, they did everything well, but someone from the side they have been cheated and got one over. But it’s not like they just lost and should admit it”, – says the President of the Russian Federation.

“Then, when that happens, I think it will be easier for us to work,” Putin believes. “But what is done with the help of the anti-tools, this is very bad, it brings dissonance in international Affairs,” he said.

“Let them be among themselves, argued, swore and argued, who is better who is better, who is smarter, who is reliable and who better formulating policy for the country, why come to involve third countries? It is very upsetting. But it will pass: everything passes – and it will pass”, – the Russian leader expects.