The media learned about the attempts of the environment trump to prevent the exit of the Paris agreement

Moscow. June 2. INTERFAX.RU the Daughter of Donald trump, U.S. Secretary of state and other influential people around him and failed to change the plans of the American President on the withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate, writes The Washington Post. Apple CEO Tim cook and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk directly contacted the White house to make clear how seriously they treat the issue of climate change, and how important it is for them that the President led the country out of this international agreement.

The President of France Emmanuel macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed to Trump, the “margins” of the G7 summit, urging him to remain faithful to the climate deal. The President’s daughter Ivanka trump has appealed to the heads of firms and pushed them to ensure that they have prepared for her father’s business plans, which would show the benefits that the US can draw, if not out of the Paris agreement. She, according to the newspaper, even appealed for support to Andrew Liveris, chief Executive officer of Dow Chemical. It is noted that Ivanka trump had asked him to prepare a letter in which the President urged not to leave Paris agreement.

Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both advisers of the American President – was not present at the performance of trump, held yesterday, during which he announced the US withdrawal from the climate deal. The American media have noted that it is through such efforts of the daughter of the leader of the USA announced about this decision before.

Plans to stay in the deal was also supported by the head of the National economic Council the White house Gary Cohn and U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. They were convinced that the withdrawal from the agreement, in particular, will be detrimental to the US image in the world. Kouchner, in turn, did not conceal that he believes the agreement is disadvantageous to Washington, but acknowledged that the refusal to comply with the Paris agreement would be a blow to the reputation of the United States in the world. Poet he advised the Trump is still not to abandon the agreement.

In support of the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement, according to the newspaper, was the head of the Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt, political Advisor to the administration of the Steve Bannon and the White house counsel don Machan. According to the newspaper, they gave the President a lot of statistics and studies showing, in their opinion, no matter how detrimental the Paris agreement on the U.S. economy.