Ukrainian “Pivdenmash” has resumed production of the missiles with the Russian upper stage blocks

Moscow. June 2. INTERFAX.RU – state Enterprise “southern machine-building plant them.Makarov” (UMZ, Dnipro) resumes the production of the launch vehicle (LV) “Zenit” in the interests of international projects Sea Launch (“Sea launch”) Launch and Land (“Land launch”), the press service of the company.

According to the report, 28 April “Yuzhmash” and the company S7 Limited Sea Launch has signed a contract for production and delivery of 12 rockets of the series “Zenit” for the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes in the framework of these international programmes.

“By signing this contract a major step in overcoming the deep crisis, which remained “Yuzhmash” starting in 2013, and which was the result of a precipitous decline in production”, – said the press service. She pointed out that currently the production of YUMZ is two “Zenit” modifications “Zenit-3SL and Zenit-3SL”.

In UMZ clarified that formed today the portfolio of orders of “Yuzhmash” in the coming years exceeds $350 million, among the main customers – companies in the U.S., Italy, India, Korea. As reported, the production of “Zenit” on the capacity of the “Yuzhmash” was suspended in 2014 due to financial problems incurred by the operators of the projects Sea Launch and Land Launch.

“Zenit-3SL” was created on the basis of a two-stage rocket “Zenit-2” development of GP “CB “South” and the production enterprise Yuzhmash, the upper stage DM-SL developed and produced in the Russian RSC Energia.

The consortium Sea Launch commercial satellite launches from the sea launch site in the Pacific was established in 1995. At the first stage of its shareholders were made by Boeing (40%), RSC Energia (25%), Ukrainian GKB “southern” and SE “Pivdenmash” (together 15%) and the Anglo-Norwegian Đšvaerner Group (20%). After the reorganization in 2010, 95% of the company’s shares was owned by Energia Overseas Limited (EOL) – “granddaughter” RSC “Energia” (Russian Federation), 3% American Boeing, and 2% Norwegian Aker Solutions. From 1995 to may 2014 under the Sea Launch program made 36 launches of “Zenit-3SL”, including 33 successful.

In August 2014, Sea Launch announced the suspension of the programme to reduce spending to avoid the expected shortfall of the program launch and the resumption of launches in the middle of 2015-2016.

In September 2016, Sea Launch SA and the Russian S7 Group announced an agreement on the purchase of assets Sea Launch. The closing of the transaction planned for 2017, after receiving the approval of the Directorate of defence trade controls (DDTC) and the Committee on foreign investment U.S. (CFIUS). The renewal of the launcher activity, the program is tentatively scheduled at the end of 2018.