Trump has offered to privatize the air traffic control service

Moscow. June 6. INTERFAX.RU – U.S. President Donald trump has offered to privatize the air traffic control service air transport, opening “a week infrastructure,” writes The Hill.

On Monday, he sent a draft document to Congress, stating that its adoption will allow the Americans to “travel cheaper, faster and safer.”

As stated in the document, air traffic service Federal aviation administration (FAA) of the United States within three years will be gratuitously transferred to an independent third party (private) agencies, and about 30 thousand FAA employees working in these services will no longer receive a salary from the Federal budget. However, the office will retain the oversight function.

The white house refers to the experience of a number of developed countries that have established similar independent Corporation funded by payments system users, and not the budget. The US President proposes to entrust the management of such Corporation to the Board of Directors of 13 members. Appoint two airlines, two by the unions and the government, the Council also includes one representative of civil aviation as a whole, one from the airports plus the CEO. Then those nine people will select four independent Directors.

Air traffic control service USA still, in most cases, use paper tape to record the progress of the flight instead of the modern electronic GPS navigation systems, making the whole process more cumbersome and is one of the indirect causes of flight delays. Modernization attempts were started a few years ago, but the process is slow and uneven.

Plans trump has drawn sharp criticism from Democrats, including the minority leader in the Senate Charles Schumer. Democrats are concerned that “control over one of the most important assets of the country fall into the hands of large corporations and airlines,” said the leader of the democratic minority in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi.

This week will be three more covers infrastructure activities with the participation of the President of the United States. Trump will travel to Ohio to discuss the improvement of inland waterways. On Thursday, he will meet with governors and discuss including the state of the infrastructure. On Friday, the President will visit the United States Department of transportation for the debate on the reform of issuing permits for infrastructure.