DIA found a shortfall of assets of the Military-industrial Bank 26.5 billion rubles

Moscow. June 7. INTERFAX.RU – the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) showed a shortfall of assets of the Military-industrial Bank (VPB) in the amount of 26.5 billion rubles, according to the materials of ASV which is competitive managing credit institution.

The greatest amount short associated with the absence on the date of the inventory of supporting documents for loan agreements concluded with individuals and legal entities to 24.9 billion rubles, in other assets in the amount of 1.4 billion rubles, the assets (the Bank equipment, office equipment, furniture) in the amount of 116.9 mln rubles on correspondent accounts opened in other banks – 104,9 million rubles.

The DIA conducts work on search of the property, including bringing the suit for recovery of debt on loans based on the documents available.

The DIA notes that the former leadership of the VPB is not transferred to the electronic database, as well as much of the loan documents and other documents confirming the existence of the borrowers debt to the Bank on the date of revocation of the license.

The Agency on 21 September 2016 (five days before the revocation of Bank licenses) sent to the SD MVD application in the facts of transfer credit record and electronic database of the Bank. In February 2017 the law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under articles 195 and 159 of the criminal code in connection with the withholding credit file and electronic database, as well as the embezzlement of funds of the Bank in the form of debit operations on customer’s accounts.

13 Feb 2017 the Bank is recognized as a victim and civil plaintiff in the case. In the case conducted a preliminary investigation.

As previously reported in TSB from day one, the administration was faced with the serious facts of obstructing the activities from the management of the Bank. Key senior and middle managers were absent on workplaces. There was no original documents on the part of the assets and, in some cases, themselves the credit record of businesses and individuals. Temporary administration on management of VPB in the course of generating the register of liabilities to depositors found that the Bank has illegally written off about 6.3 billion rubles from the accounts of citizens.

The court in December last year admitted VPB bankrupt and opened bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor for a period of one year. Speaking at the meeting, the representative of the Central Bank stated that, according to updated data of the temporary administration the assets of VPB was 1.6 billion and liabilities of almost 38 billion rubles.

The largest shareholders of the Military-industrial Bank were citizens of the Russian Federation: Alexander Kachur – 18,8%, Basil Nosal was 20.6%, Mkrtich, Pecican – 6,6%, 7,3% owned by “Camelot” and 7.1% “Rodos”.