“VIM-Avia” has promised to stabilize the flight schedule by mid-June

Moscow. June 7. INTERFAX.RU – the Airline “VIM-Avia” promises to stabilize the flight schedule by mid-June, said the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko reporters on Wednesday.

“According to our estimates, it (the situation – if) corrected – if pessimistic – by the middle of June,” said the Minister, responding to a question.

According to him, “VIM-Avia” has increased the volume of shipments from January to may of 204% in annual terms, while not correlating “their capabilities with their desires.” “VIM-Avia” has sought to increase its traffic, “overheated”, and now they have to adjust their programs transportation,” – said the head of Federal air transport Agency. He added that in mid-may, ie before the crisis, the Federal air transport Agency recommended the company to cut the network, but she did not respond promptly.

However, he added that to limit the air operator certificate of the carrier in connection with the mass cancellations “the standard is impossible.” “We need new additions in the legislation that would more strictly regulate these issues,” – said Neradko.

Information about what carrier to fly on a defective aircraft, the Department does not have. “What they write to different sources with reference to certain technicians to be divided into several parts, because the planes are so-called lists of valid failures and faults, which can be a time to fly. And there are ways to interpret it. The situation with safety is under control,” said the official.

At the end of may it was reported about the mass delays of flights “VIM-Avia” from a number of Russian cities. The company explained the late check-routine repair of several wide-body aircraft. Meanwhile, the transport Prosecutor’s office several regions have started checking the airlines and the Federal air transport Agency has called for the administration of the carrier to explain the situation.

Last Friday, “VIM-Avia” reported a reduction of 13% of their Charter flights from 2 June to 15 June. The company promised that all obligations to passengers of Charter flights that have already been transported to the Russian and foreign resorts will be fulfilled. Later, “VIM-Avia” have repeatedly published lists of cancelled flights, which came as Moscow and regional destinations.

According to the Federal tourism Agency, notification about reduction of the Charter program “VIM-Avia” has got operators “NTK Intourist”, “coral travel”, “TT-travel”, “Mouzenidis travel Center”, “ay si es travel Service, Company TEZ Tour”, “ANEX Tourism Group”.

“VIM-Avia” – one of the largest in terms of passenger traffic of the airlines of the Russian Federation, in January-April, carried more than 466 thousand people, occupying the 10th place in the statistics of the Federal air transport Agency. Performs regular and Charter flights in Russia and in Central Asia and Europe. Based in the Moscow airport “Domodedovo”. According to base “SPARK-Interfax”, the airline belongs to citizens of the Russian Federation Svetlana and Rashid by Mursekaev.