“Dixie” has created an accelerator for investment in startups in retail

Moscow. June 8. INTERFAX.RU – the Dixie Group announced the creation of an accelerator for investment in Russian startups. The retailer plans to invest and enter the projects in the field of sales of goods of mass consumption, services, stores, technologies that increase the efficiency of sales processes and customer service, as well as technologies for optimising logistics and additional channels of delivery of goods.

From June 8, “Dixie” has launched a business accelerator open to entrepreneurs and software developers and technologies in the field of retail. Priority will be given to projects for implementation which will require no more than six months. Projects that pass screening will be offered in partnership with equity participation of “Dixie” in the amount of up to 1 million rubles (the project).

The total budget of the retailer did not disclose. It will depend, including, from the number of the selected proposals.

“The company is always open to new ideas and actively uses a number of modern systems and solutions. We will continue to develop this area, therefore, will not only attract large technology providers, but also to help beginners to talented professionals and entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas and developments at all stages – from idea to integration into business processes “Dixie”, – said General Director of the company Sergey Belyakov.

The specialists of “Dixie” will share with the participants expertise and methodologies for management of business processes. The company will also provide operators promising startups platforms for development, testing, piloting and launch of turnkey solutions to the market.

Currently, the retailer is implementing the system of facial recognition buyers in the salesroom, whereby the network has got the ability to drill down and segment the customer profile (previously, these indices were assembled by hand based on surveys and the survey of buyers in the trading rooms). The system collects data automatically, identifies gender and age of clients, and also determines the time and day of the week, when a group visits the store.

Through analysis of profiles “Dixie” got the opportunity to plan more point range, adjust the marketing policy, specifically to choose effective channels of communications. Profile data formed the basis of an updated marketing program “Dixie”, which was launched in April. Its main objective is to “rejuvenate” the audience to do the shops of “Dixy” attractive to young families with children with income average-average plus.