Lipetsk factory “Roshen” protested the requirement of the Federal tax service on the payment of 48 million rubles

Moscow. June 7. INTERFAX.RU – the Arbitration court of Lipetsk region on June 20 will consider the claim of JSC “Lipetsk confectionery factory “Roshen” about recognition illegal decisions of Interdistrict inspection of Federal tax service (MIFNS) in the Lipetsk region on payment to the budget of over 48 million.

As follows from the materials placed on the court’s website, in March this year, Interdistrict Inspectorate for major taxpayers in the Lipetsk region revealed a offense and accrued confectionery factory of the arrears of value added tax in the amount 28,66 million rubles, penalties – 8.3 million rubles and a fine in the amount of 11.45 million rubles

May 31, the court received the claim of the Lipetsk confectionery factory on the recognition of decisions on the illegal. The court accepted the application for consideration on 5 June.

In addition, KF “Roshen” filed a petition for interim measure in the form of a ban on conduct activities associated with the execution of its decision.

KF “Roshen” pointed to the fact that forced the decision will cause significant damage to the enterprise. However, the court decided “the statement JSC Lipetsk confectionery factory “Roshen” on the claim to keep no movement.” As explained in the court’s determination, from the analysis of the submitted documents, the court cannot conclude, as declared enforceable interim measure. In addition, can not be confirmed the argument about the possibility of significant harm to the applicant, because the case file has been submitted the loan agreements, pledge agreements, evidence of implementation by the taxpayer of payments on the contracts. Evidence on how the produced amount of additional taxes, penalties and fines are correlated with indicators of financial and economic activities of the factory, also not shown.

The court invited the applicant until 16 June to provide to provide the court with the balance sheet, the statement of financial performance, a statement of the status of settlements on taxes, fees, fines and penalties and other materials to confirm the grounds for interim measures.

Roshen in January this year announced the shutdown of the factory in Lipetsk.