Saudi Arabia has postponed the issue of indexation of pensions to working pensioners for the year 2020

Moscow. June 9. INTERFAX.RU – the Opportunity to return to the indexation of pensions to working pensioners might appear in 2020, this issue can be considered in the preparation of the draft Federal budget in 2020, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

“We made the decision to working pensioners not to index pensions, but retirement, such employee will receive the indexation taking into account hours worked, the indexation will be compensated. It was a measure of anti-crisis plan needed to optimize spending on the one hand, on the other hand, we believed that it was necessary to concentrate and maintain pensioners who have a small income, only from pensions.

I think that this issue requires further discussion, we could return to it when preparing the budget for the year 2020 and see our opportunities,” he said, speaking in the state Duma.

The Minister explained that in 2018-2019 the Russian budget will be “challenging enough and the budget of the adaptation to the new conditions of the economy.”

“From 2020 we have the opportunity to increase its expenditure obligations. I believe that in 2020 we could implement a number of new programs that we are talking about, including in the state Duma. I believe that the question of pensions to working pensioners can be considered in the preparation of the budget for the next financial years,” he said.