The source said the lack Budargin in the list of candidates for the new Board of Directors of “Russian grids”

Moscow. June 10. INTERFAX.RU – General Director of JSC “rosseti” Oleg Budargin is not included in the list of candidates for the new Board of Directors of the state company, which is currently undergoing final negotiation in the presidential administration and the government staff, told “Interfax” a source familiar with the situation.

Almost all Russian state-owned companies the General Director of “default” is included in the Board of Directors, and the absence of the names of the head of the list of candidates for the new Board is a testimony to his impending retirement. However, the source Agency has no information that the list of candidates to the Council or Directive, the General Director of “Russian grids” are approved.

Rumors that Budargin will leave “Russian grids”, first appeared in the year before, as candidates for the post of CEO was called the head of FGC UES Andrey Murov, the Deputy Minister of energy Vyacheslav Kravchenko, however, then changes in the management of the company in the end did not happen. Last week, they renewed: the source of “Interfax” in the industry claims that changes in the state holding was discussed on the sidelines of the economic forum in St. Petersburg, and in fact the issue was resolved already.

The candidate for the post of Director General of “Russian grids” – the first Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank Mikhail Poluboyarinov, saying the Agency’s interlocutor in one of the specialized agencies and the industry source. According to the official, the appointment may be issued by the Board of Directors in the coming days, the announcement of it is expected next week.

VEB information about the possible appointment Poluboyarinov in “Rossetti” on Friday did not comment.

In “Rossetti” from comments have refused. Directive of the change of CEO in the network holding has not come, said on Friday a source in the company.

Michael Poluboyarinov 51, he worked for many years in the “Aeroflot”, including in 2003 to 2009 – Deputy General Director on Finance. The web came to the position of Director of infrastructure Department, since 2011 – Chairman, 2012 – first Deputy Chairman. His transition to a new position waiting for a long time: among the first deputies he was the last member of the old team, and the rest came along with the new Chairman of the Bank Sergey Gorkov. In the electric power industry Poluboyarinov still did not work (as well as Budargin to destination in a network holding), but with the situation in “Russian grids” sign, as a member of the Board of Directors of the company as one of the representatives of the main shareholder – the state.