In the work of ATMs of Sberbank happened disruptions

MOSCOW, June 9. /TASS/. Clients of Sberbank had problems with cash withdrawals from ATMs. In addition, there were difficulties in working terminals of Sberbank. About TASS reported in the Bank’s call center.

“Now there are technical glitches in the payment, that is, in any terminal of payment, also the withdrawal and Deposit cash through ATMs is impossible, that is, a cancellation operation”, – said the employee of the call center. The cause of the interruption he found it difficult to name.

As reported in a press-service of Sberbank, technical failure of the systems of the Bank have now been resolved, he raised less than 10% of transactions on the cards. The problems experienced by the cardholders of Mastercard and the World, said the representative of the savings Bank.

“As a result of technical failure for 40 minutes to some of the customers have observed difficulties when conducting transactions on the Internet acquiring, transfers and cash withdrawals at POS-terminals and self-service facilities for Mastercard and the World. The incident occurred at 16:40 GMT and affected the customer service of Sberbank in the devices of other banks and customers of other banks in the devices of Sberbank. The incident affected less than 10% of operations with plastic cards,” – said the press service.

Operations on cards of Sberbank in the devices of the Bank was carried out normally, without any deviation, added in a press-service.

Now all of the Bank’s systems are operating normally, said the press service.

A number of respondents TASS expert in the field of information security stated previously, the assumption that a failure in Sberbank could be associated with the appearance on Friday in the registry by Roskomnadzor to block sites technical domains of Russian banks, however, a source familiar with the situation, this information is not confirmed.

The press service of the National payment card system, which carries out the processing of all domestic transactions by cards of all payment systems, including international, reported that the operating payment and clearing center (OPCC) worked all day in normal mode.