The EC has requested a mandate to negotiate with Russia on “to Northern stream-2”

BRUSSELS, 9 June. /Offset. TASS Asya Harutyunyan/. The European Commission (EC) has asked member countries of the EU mandate for negotiations with Russia on gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”. About this to journalists in Brussels, said the representative of the EC.

“The European Commission today adopted requesting the Council of the EU on the mandate for negotiations with Russia on key principles on the project “Nord stream-2”, – he said.

Key principles

“The European Commission requests the Council (of member countries of the EU) to give a mandate for negotiations (with Russia) by a special legislative framework that would take into account the fundamental principles established by international and European energy standards”, – reads the statement of the EC.

These principles, as explained in the document, include “transparency in the functioning of the pipeline, non-discriminatory tariffs, the necessary level of non-discriminatory access to third parties, and the degree of separation between supply and transmission”.

“We want to negotiate with Russia to achieve a special regime that will meet all the principles of EU energy legislation to maintain the functioning of the European internal energy market”, – said the European Commissioner for energy and climate change Miguel arias Cañete.

They are not, but let’s say

Despite the fact that the European Commission considers the project “Northern stream-2” in contravention of the EU Energy Union, it allows for its implementation. “As we have said several times, “Nord stream-2″ is not conducive to the goals of the Energy Union. However, if despite this it is built, the least we can do is to make sure that it will operate in accordance with the main rules of the EU’s energy market”, – quotes the European Commission, Deputy head of the EC on the Energy Union maroš Šefčovič.

In this regard, the EC and requests a mandate from member countries of the European Union, to fulfill minimum program. “The European Commission is committed to fulfilling the objectives for Energy Union, including energy security. Our priority is to create a well – diversified and competitive gas market”, – said the EC.

The Approach Of Tusk

The Financial Times earlier reported on the letter head of the European Council Donald Tusk President of the European Commission Jean – Claude Juncker, in which he called for maximum tightening of the EU’s approach to the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, as Tusk it seems that the pipeline would be contrary to the interests of the community. The project “is contrary to the goal that we have set the energy Union”, leads edition of the word Tusk. “This will make us more dependent on Russian supplies”, – says the head of the European Council.

“In addition, it will strengthen the position of Gazprom as a dominant supplier of gas to the EU, – is spoken in the message. – In short, it will not serve the highest European interests”. “Nord stream-2″ will allow (Russia) to close the transit route through Ukraine”, putting our partners in dependence on Russia, indicates Tusk.

EC, as is evident from his letters, should be as discerning in this regard. The head of the Council of Europe called on Juncker to demand that “all the rules and policy objectives (EU) has been fully taken into account in relation to this project.”

The Danish look

The newspaper recalls that Denmark, through the territorial waters of which the pipeline must pass, a bill, suggesting that when evaluating the possible construction of such projects as the “Nord stream-2”, should take into consideration foreign policy issues and security issues.

The commissioning of the “Nord stream-2” is scheduled for the end of 2019. The pipeline must pass under the Baltic sea from the Russian coast to coast of Germany. The capacity of each of two strings is 27.5 billion cubic meters per year. The new pipeline will double the power of the first Nord stream route which in the ground and repeat.

Capital costs are estimated at 8 billion euros and the total cost of the project with regard to project Finance – €9.9 bn For the planning, construction and operation of the pipeline was created by the Swiss Nord Stream AG 2, which is now fully owned by Gazprom.