Kommersant learned about the proposal to increase the met for Gazprom

Moscow. On 13 June. INTERFAX.RU – the Finance Ministry proposes to raise the severance tax on gas for “Gazprom” in the fourth quarter, reported “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

Amendments to the tax code developed by the Department, include an increase in the coefficient in the formula for calculating mineral extraction tax for Gazprom with 1,7969 to 2,2738 in October-December, which will increase budget revenues by about 30 billion rubles, the Finance Ministry’s Proposal, the sources associated with the fact that the monopoly will pay for 2016 lower than budgeted dividends.

According to the newspaper, the Ministry of Finance proposed amendments (they also include the excise tax in 2018 and the extension of the current parameters of the formula of the severance tax on oil and gas by 2020) are still in the “early stages” and has not yet been considered in the government.