“Victory” was challenged in the Supreme court the requirement about the installation of video cameras in airplanes

Moscow. June 14. INTERFAX.RU – the Airline “Victory” filed in the Supreme court against the decision of the lower courts on the legality of the regulations of the Federal service for supervision of transport (Rostransnadzor) from March 31, 2016 the installation of video cameras on Board the “Victory”, it follows from the records of the court.

Earlier it was reported that the Ninth arbitration appeal court on 29 November 2016 confirmed the decision of the Moscow Arbitration court, which on 12 September upheld the order of supervision dated March 31, 2016 about the need to install video cameras on the planes AK “Victory”.

In the court of first instance 12 September 2016, the representative of “Victory” had argued that the challenged “requirement illegally, as impossible” because in Russia there is no certified organizations that can set a video camera on Board “Victory”. All the aircraft produced by the American Corporation Boeing, which is necessary to make appropriate changes to install the equipment, said the lawyer.

In turn, the representative of the Minister then noted that a similar order was issued by the airline Red Wings, which he fulfilled. However, he was unable to name any certified organization for the installation of cameras on the Boeing aircraft that uses “Victory”.

The representative of the “Victory,” noted that the Park of the Red Wings airlines Russian-made aircraft. The arbitration court of the Moscow district on 4 April 2017 affirmed the decision of lower courts. “Victory” is challenged in court by several requirements of rostransnadzora. So, in the court are claims of “Victory” concerning the prescriptions of the Agency about providing passengers with hot meals, excess baggage and together with the parents of the children.

The Moscow arbitration court in late July 2016 upheld the order of Rostransnadzor on February 29, 2016, regarding the baggage allowance on flights “Victory”. The court then concluded that the norms of free baggage allowance, including items the passenger may not be less than 10 kg per passenger. In the same regulation provides that the baggage carried in the passenger cabin must not weigh more than 10 kg.

“Victory” August 24, 2016, rejected the demands for annulment and cancellation of instructions of rostransnadzora on February 29, 2016, for joint placement of children with parents in the cabin. Claim “Victory” is asked to invalidate and cancel the order of Federal Agency for transport supervision, which States that the failure of the joint location on Board the aircraft of underage passengers and their parents is a gross violation of the law.

At the end of September 2016, “Victory” has refused the claim to the Federal Agency for transport supervision about the requirements of the Department dated February 29, 2016, concerning providing passengers with hot meals. The reason for the test was an appeal to the office of the Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation Sergei Ordzhonikidze. Before the OP received complaints from its member Dmitry Chugunov, Deputy Chairman of the education Committee of the state Duma Alena’s Arshinova and private individuals. So, Iron in the fall of 2013 he refused to pay an additional three piece of hand Luggage weighing up to 10 kg and was removed from the flight.