MFTS will be able to accept applications from citizens for inclusion in the electoral lists

Moscow. June 15. INTERFAX.RU – the Ministry of economic development proposes to give the multifunctional centres (MFC) the authority to make statements of voters for inclusion in the lists for voting at the place of treatment.

The draft resolution of the government of the Russian Federation, introducing such changes in the rules of operation of the IFC, published on the website of state regulation and is an independent anti-corruption expertise.

According to the draft, in order to ensure the exercise of active electoral rights of citizens of the Russian Federation authorised igscs after signing the contract with the election Commission of subject of the Russian Federation will be able to collect applications for inclusion in the voter list.

Now the application for inclusion in the voters list will be accepted by precinct election commissions.

In the case of giving these powers to the MFC will expand the number of places where citizens who intend to vote no on the place of permanent residence, can apply for inclusion in the electoral lists, the authors explain.

These centres are open in all cities of Russia, their offices are in almost every municipality. In a mode “one window” IFC provide the citizens of about 170 national, regional and municipal services.

Thus, according to the website “Your control” (, the citizens appreciate the quality of work of the IFC. GPA exhibited attending the centres nationals is of 4.79 on a 5-point scale. This is somewhat higher than estimates by private agencies that are providing public services.