FT: the EU could fine Google €1 billion for antitrust violations

LONDON, June 16. /TASS/. EU authorities could fine us company Google for a record €1 billion ($1.1 billion) for antitrust violations. About this newspaper Financial Times, citing informed sources.

EU officials, according to the publication, in the next few weeks will announce that the company has abused a dominant position in the market of search engines to create Google Shopping.

This service was launched in 2002 From the very beginning the service has provided only the list price, approved vendors, and monetizirovat using AdWords, as well as other services of the company. However, the service then was changed towards greater integration with Google search.

The Corporation had previously rejected charges of the European Commission in abuse of a dominant position on the market of applications for mobile devices created by the Android operating system. According to the statement of senior Vice President for legal Affairs Google’s Kent Walker, which was cited in the company’s official blog, the European Commission “has no evidence”, and the case for this bill is “wrong in fact”, from legislative and economic point of view.

The publication does not exclude that we will appeal against any such decision in the European courts, would postpone for many years the final verdict on this issue.

At the time, the EU has accused Google, Facebook and Twitter in violation of the rights of consumers demanded that companies change the terms of use of the social networks that violate consumer rights, and threatened with a fine in the event of further violations. According to Reuters, in December of last year they were sent a letter, which said that some of their terms of use violate EU law on the protection of consumer rights.