Miller re-elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Gazprom oil”

MOSCOW, June 16. /TASS/. The Board of Directors of “Gazprom oil” voted for the re-election of Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said in a statement.

Earlier, the shareholders of “Gazprom oil” at the annual meeting on June 9 was re-elected the company’s Board of Directors in the same composition. The current Board is composed of 13 Directors, including the head of “Gazprom oil” Alexander Dyukov, the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller, Deputy Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Valery Golubev, Andrey Kruglov, Kirill Seleznev, Nikolay Dubik, Vsevolod Cherepanov, Deputy heads of departments of “Gazprom” Vladimir Alisov and Marat Garayev, and head of the Department for property management and corporate relations of “Gazprom” Elena Mikhailova, member of the Board of Directors of “Gazprom” Mikhail Sereda, ex-Governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdyukov Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Gazprom gas fuel” Sergey Fursenko.

The largest holder of the shares of “Gazprom oil” is “Gazprom”. He directly and indirectly belongs to 95, 68% of the total number of ordinary shares of the company. The rest of the stake of ordinary shares (4.32 percent) is distributed between minority shareholders – individuals and legal entities.

Principal activities of “Gazprom oil” – the exploration of hydrocarbon fields, extraction and sale of oil and gas and manufacturing and marketing of petroleum products.