Co-founder Group: Russia can become one of the leaders of robotics

MOSCOW, June 18. /TASS/. Russia has the potential to be among the leaders in the field of robotics through the adoption of proper legislation in this area. This opinion was expressed by co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Group Dmitry Grishin in his speech on Kaspersky Geek Picnic.

At the end of 2016, he has prepared a bill that defines the legal status of robots. In his opinion, the law about robotics in Russia should be accepted now as a proper legislation will eliminate the fears of people related to this field, and spur its development.

“When people are talking about new technology, there are some fears. And these fears, in particular, is very much stop the development of the direction: people are afraid to invest money, do not know what will happen. I believe that one of the fundamental ways these fears to take is to organize and initially construct the legislation so that everyone was clear the rules of the game,” explained co-founder Group.

Grishin am sure that robotics is the science of the XXI century. “Now we are at the beginning of the market, which will actually revolutionize everything around us. Robots will be everywhere: they will fly, walk, ride,” he said.

To provide a specific task

Now to start a robotic company can three-four people, said Grishin. According to experts, the development of the robot is very important to provide for him some specific task. Robots also must be beautiful.

The future for robots Grishin sees, including in the areas of shipping and entertainment. His opinion was also reflected in the investment: Grishin founded Grishin Robotics Fund a few years ago invested in the company Sphere which, together with Disney has developed and released a homemade toy of the droid BB-8 (the character of “Star wars”). According to Grishin, BB-8 is ranked second among the robots. after vacuum cleaning robots.

As for logistics, at the beginning of 2017 Grishin Robotics also became an investor created by the founders of Skype Janus Friis and Much Heinla British startup Starship Technologies, which is engaged in the production of robotic couriers. Delivery of goods and food by a robot that drives on land, now has greater prospects than a flying delivery drones, says Grishin. Shipping by air is associated with a more complex legislative regulation, and also requires that the robots were more powerful, he explained.

Grishin told reporters after the speech that the Fund is actively exploring and Russian projects in the field of robotics, however, did not name a specific company.