The head of “Naftogaz” asks US to impose sanctions against all participants in the “Nord stream-2”

NEW YORK, June 20. /TASS/. USA should extend sanctions to all companies directly or indirectly involved in the implementation of the project “Northern stream-2”. This position was expressed by the head of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” Andrew KOBOLEV published on Monday an interview with American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

“We would advise (USA – approx. TASS) as soon as possible to extend sanctions to all companies potentially involved in this project”, – quotes the edition of words Koroleva. He substantiated his opinion that this project, from the point of view of Kiev, rewards Russia threatens the unity of the European Union and is a danger for Ukraine.

Version KOBOLEV, “Nord stream-2” will expand the possibility of “Gazprom” “to abuse its dominant position in the European gas market”. “Any independent analysis will show that the construction of this pipeline is directed against U.S. interests. It is against the principle of solidarity in Europe”, – said the head of the company. “A shame not to use sanctions against it”, – he added.

The upper house of Congress, 15 June overwhelmingly passed a bill to impose new sanctions against the Russian Federation and legislation of a number of existing ones. In addition, the senators want to deprive the White house right unilaterally to mitigate the sanctions regime. To do this, the President must submit to Congress a clear list of individuals with whom you plan to remove sanctions, and to assure legislators that Russia changed its policy on several fronts, including Syria and Ukraine. After studying the submitted materials within 30 days, both houses will have to Express their opinion through the adoption of the resolution.

The commissioning of the “Nord stream-2” is scheduled for the end of 2019. The pipeline must pass under the Baltic sea from the Russian coast to coast of Germany. The capacity of each of two strings is 27.5 billion cubic meters per year. The new pipeline will double the power of the first Nord stream route which in the ground and repeat.

Capital costs are estimated at 8 billion euros and the total cost of the project with regard to project Finance – at 9.9 billion euros. For planning, construction and operation of the pipeline was created by the Swiss Nord Stream AG 2, which is now fully owned by Gazprom.